You have worked hard to make your money. We make your money work for you.

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We offer a broad range of financial planning solutions customized for your specific needs, goals and life stage. We apply a clear, well-defined and objective process to make your money work for you.
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Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is tough. But taking the right steps – no matter how little they are – can make it easy and help you go the distance.



Wealth protection considers your current financial situation and applies a series of tests to make sure that your wealth, lifestyle and family are protected.



With retirement not far around the corner, your needs will be rapidly changing. And you will be asking the big questions – what does retirement mean to me?



Wealth is not easy to manage. The demands of managing your financial life along with the desire to leave a lasting legacy for your family can be all-consuming.

At Shah Financial, we can help you maintain perspective on short-term circumstances without losing sight of the bigger picture.”

About Us

Your Financial Life is Complicated. We'll Get You Organized & Focused.
Finance is not merely about making money

At Shah Financial, we help bring clarity to your understanding of the financial world through our financial planning process. We work to prepare you for important decisions that will help grow, preserve, protect and transfer the assets you have worked a lifetime to accumulate.

Most importantly, there is a culture of independence here. One that is focused on the individual.

We understand that you and your financial needs are unique.

Do you Have a Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom means that you get to make life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact because you are prepared. You control your finances instead of being controlled by them.

Identify your goals

Set Your Financial Goals. Identify your most important short-, medium- and long-term financial goals. Estimate how much each of your goals are likely to cost.
To begin, we’ll work with you to identify your goals and individual financial circumstances.


A financial plan is prepared by listening closely to you and learn what you value. Analyze your current financial situation and prepare a strategy.
We will create a personalized plan to help you take charge of your money and achieve your goals.


To make things easier for you, we’ll use an online Wealth Tracker tool that will show you all of your updated accounts and progress in one convenient, secure place.
The important step of the financial planning process involves monitoring the financial plan’s implementation and progress towards meeting goals and objectives.


Our relationship isn’t over after we create a plan; rather it’s just beginning. As you implement your plan, we will serve as your coaches to help you along the way.
For some, financial success is as simple as owning that beautiful mansion.Others claim that success is the freedom that you achieve with realizing your financial goals. What Does Financial Success Mean to You?

At Shah Financial, we can help you to incorporate tax-advantaged vehicles and Investments into an overall long-term strategy.

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