Indian Elections & Way ahead

  Elections Round UpThe BJP led NDA government returned to power with a clear majority, a feat last achieved by Indira Gandhi in the late 1970s. The ruling coalition will now control 65% of the lower house. This coupled with a near majority in the upper house sets the stage for further reforms and policy Read more about Indian Elections & Way ahead[…]

What is a FMP?

FMP (or Fixed Maturity Plan) is a closed-ended debt mutual fund. Unlike other open-ended debt funds, FMPs are not available for subscription on a continuous basis.A close-ended debt fund that invests for a specific period of time and has low risk. The fund house comes up with a New Fund Offer (NFO) for a specific Read more about What is a FMP?[…]

Why Will is Important

Why making WILL is IMPORTANT.

The importance of making a will. A will is a written document that speaks for you after you die. It can communicate how you want your property and assets to be distributed; name a guardian for your children if you pass away before they reach adulthood; and leave specific instructions like arrangements for your funeral. Ask anyone if they have made their Read more about Why making WILL is IMPORTANT.[…]