How a monthly SIP of Rs 5,000 fared over the last 15 years?

SIP Investment Rs 5000 Per Month
It is often said that one should invest in equities and equity-oriented investments such as equity mutual funds with a long term horizon. While there is no guarantee for a positive return in the equity asset class, an analysis by CRISIL shows that the risk of getting negative returns reduces over longer-term investing horizons. By investing systematically through the process of SIP – Systematic Investment Plan – an investor is able to build a habit of savings. SIP’s can work wonders if you have the right selection of equity MF schemes and are continued for the long term.

It can be true to a large extent if the study done by CRISIL which has some interesting findings of SIPs can be relied upon. In the analysis, the CRISIL-AMFI Equity Fund Performance Index over the past 15 years to June 2019 for Rs 5,000 of monthly SIP was considered for the study. The CRISIL-AMFI Equity Fund Performance Index tracks the performance of the equity funds. The index consists of mutual fund schemes from large-cap equity, large and midcap equity, multi-cap, midcap, small-cap equity, focused equity and value and contra categories.

The study showed that the instances of negative returns declined as the investment horizon increased. It means if one runs the SIP for a long term, the probability of generating negative returns declines. The table below shows SIP returns and is based on CRISIL-AMFI Equity Fund Performance Index figures.

Instances of negative returns decreased with an increase in SIP tenure

Min/Max Return Variation
It was also seen that the difference between the minimum and maximum SIP returns also narrowed with the increase in the investment horizon. It means, even if there is a wrong selection of a MF scheme or that a specific scheme in your portfolio has not performed well, over a longer period, the difference is not much pronounced. Over short to medium-term, a scheme may generate less but over a longer period, the difference between the minimum and maximum SIP returns also narrowed.

This gives a strong impetus to the often-repeated principle in equity MF investing which is to invest for the long term goals. By linking one’s investment in MF to a long term goal, the temptation to exit before the goal is met or during the market crisis is curtailed.

Rather than ‘timing the market’, the investor should, therefore, consider the ‘time spent in the market’ as an important yardstick.

Difference between min. and max. SIP returns narrowed with increase in the investment horizon

Higher Corpus
One another finding of the study was that investing through SIP for longer tenures can significantly increase the amount of wealth creation. An analysis of various equity categories shows that returns, and the subsequent wealth creation, for investors improve, in line with the increase in the investment horizon.

Probability of wealth augmenting increases with the rise in SIP investment periods

Monthly SIP contribution of Rs 5,000 has been assumed
Fund categories are represented by respective CRISIL-AMFI Fund Performance indices

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